Liquid Inspiration …. Life is more than just living. Many times it is inspiration unlimited. Inspiration comes in many forms and all that matters is how you receive it. The inner spirit actually does the magic of crafting a real blend out of anything that you wish to create within you. Every time you reach a turning point you know there is another road ahead. Few roads lead nowhere, but leave you in circles. Doesn’t matter you are taking the road less traveled or more…. The journey and destination does.


Every day may start as if it’s going to conform to the expectations, but unfortunately, life isn’t that simple now as earlier. There is always enough energy floating around and the intensity has to go somewhere. But somehow, it probably will not be too disruptive even with a surprising twist or turn along the way.

To want to be everything for everyone, spreading self too thin isn’t a smart strategy. Becoming so over committed that to wish to hide and just spend some time by self, overcasts. While discovering an escape route, the significance is to keep in mind that the solution won’t likely be a permanent one. Nevertheless, the need is to blow off some excess steam. Once the feelings are expressed, it is time to come back and join the festivities with a lighter heart.

The complexity of life’s circumstances wouldn’t settle down the way they entered one’s life. Although efforts may want a simpler life back, it won’t likely happen anytime. It is impossible to un-invent something which has already been invented. Making the required mental adjustments to balance goals with reality is the only one option to allow peace settles into while the changes happen or brought into. Ultimately, avoiding settling for less, while understanding the necessity to temporarily accept the current situation, and thereon welcoming the unknown with open arms is required to feel more alive than ever.

Avoiding conflict may not always be a good idea, even if told to do so by eternal senses. It is even unwise to overlook the facts, irrespective of the inconvenience they may cause now. Placing self in a position where an important opportunity may be missed due to apprehensions and scare of the unknown is unwelcome but repeatedly happens.

It is always difficult to be pleased if one cannot act freely as intended, however might feel relieved once limits are clear. Thinking that trials are a sign of defeat may not be always proper; instead, looking at the current circumstances as an opportunity to re-establish a strong foundation can possibly carry self forward.

At times frustration overcasts amid lack of productivity while longing for new experiences, constrained by the self made vow in affiliation. Nevertheless, something happens that reawakens desires and concentrates soul’s attention on the excitement of living. However, concern remains, cannot just let go off the commitments. Being wise is to observe dilemma without taking action; it’s best to make changes on another day rather than turning life upside down now, knowing the calculations well. Otherwise act thoughtless and step-on risk even after a predictive end-result, to see how fine and long can the glide happen before an expected crash and optimistically salvage happens. How wise can it be to act foolish at this juncture?

The fact remains that anything is possible if you embrace uncertainty rather than resisting it.

*Sigh”!!! …

Been away for a long while. One need revisit the past at some point of time. So do I!!!…. Not necessary place, person, event or time. Ageing is nothing but getting back to childhood with all the humility that vanished in decades in between. But then never ageing is not the name of the game. Somewhere in between childhood and old-age is the time when things turn into a Jinx or miracle. And then, after Death, the place where we were before birth. Few get a chance to revisit there past, look back and realize where they started. Then Back to the Future.

Performance may not necessarily meet expectations even after the encouragement factor. The performance here addresses Life and encouragement depicts motivation immaterial of source that invariably influences Life and moments within, internal or external, personal or social. Movement happens when the ability to think towards, set Goals or setting goals to begin with, at the first place happens.

Diverting from writing, jotting down the way thought flows as a result of irregular utilization of time and speaking to oneself happens only when the goals dissolve. Inappropriate allocation of the time permitted. The long holiday from scribbling was not anyway intentional, it just happened, exactly the way it begun. “Out of plan”.

Misleading aspects on any day is important to be tracked and measured as they contribute towards encouraging fantasies. Finding a deeper lesson would rather enrich experience rather than tormenting life about what might go wrong. It is though difficult to understand the recurring patterns in life, but once understood it is easy to hold firm, than ending up into a free fall as a victim to own emotional trap.

Significant energy has been infused to ensure valuable time is utilized for a necessary overhaul and uncomplicated scene every act. The act may be every moment spent in life. It’s easy to enable an effortless Philosophical treatise cascade anywhere from a minute tumbled upon.

The sunset at the moment occurred at the end of the airport exit path. Priorities have not necessarily shifted. Only expectations multiplied. The belief remains that the priorities are pre-set. Certain events are not planned, they happen. The Force Majeure factor prevails to a larger extent. The volatility was common but routines changed from well organized modest “never-miss-a-thing” approach to that of being modestly precarious. Ambiguity, on how common or rare is “Volatility” from “Precariousness”, remains. Practical necessity may not always trump political correctness. This is very similar to the Sunset today. It is the same as ever. The location varied, from where it is viewed, driving east or west.

This season before summer and the seasons earlier have not been as active as one could foretell. The lethargy showed up without notice and then imbibed mind body and soul. Reason may be due to the friction outdoors or change in approach and the resulting strategies at work. Hours outside occupation refuted intermittent or continuous traction possibly due to the chronic nature of the setbacks. Counter tractions failed, allowing calm to prevail.

Efforts continue for consequential best. How good this Fiscal can or not, may be left on whatever % one believes on or luck implies to prevail at that instance. Certain decisions are hard to be taken as the results assumingly known. May be good, but the apprehensions remain. It is the change that becomes unacceptable – universal fact. Should it be car, job, house, location, insurance, ….. Life etc., the subject remains – Change regarding. The factor involved is risk, and at what cost? Coming back, it is again square one, what’s the desired level luxury. The ends have to meet, Anticipations, Expectations and then the Achievements.


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In search for The “Elixir of life”.

Best Wishes for Holi

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Ingredients of Perfect Holi

Bright colors,
water balloons,
lavish gujiyas and melodious songs
are the ingredients of perfect Holi.

Wish you a very Happy and Wonderful Holi.

ravi varma